מגילת רות, תל אביב, נובמבר 2004

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From: "naomi zucker" naomizr@bezeqint.net>
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Subject: ruth's letter
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 18:23:45 +0200

  i have just returned from a short trip to israel, visiting friends and
  as an artist, showing a piece of work, and looking at the israeli art
  scene. i am a british jew and have visited israel many times.
  yesterday morning i walked down sheinkin in tel aviv and crossed onto allenby to go to an atm, i had a breakfast meeting with a friend. i was  stopped by a policewoman who jumped out of a van and asked if i had a  visa. i explained that i was a tourist and had been in tel aviv for 8
  days and would be returning to britain the same afternoon, and that my  passport was at my hosts apartment. i tried to show her the i.d. i had  on me; 2 credit cards, a library card, a museum pass, some of which had  my london address on, she stopped my explanation and told me she was  arresting me for being in israel illegally.
  i told her i could get my passport from my hosts flat, but she insisted
  i get into a police van, which i did.
  i then had my bag searched but when i tried to explain and offer phone
  numbers of israeli friends who could verify my tourist status and
  departure time i was told to shut up by the van's driver. the van then
  started cruising allenby street, stopping at bus stops, and getting out
  asking people for i.d., they then picked up a far eastern woman,
  bundled her in the van and continued to drive slowly around the allenby  street area. the woman seemed scared and told me she was concerned for   her child, we were squashed in the back of the van with 2 uniformed  police in front, 2 plainclothes women in the back with us and a  plainclothes man in front of us. i asked to make a phone call and one  of the plainclothes women gave me her phone, i called the only number I  had on me, an israeli friend, and explained what was happening and   whether he would speak to one of the police on my behalf, i handed the  phone to the woman and she hung up, then laughed. they continued to  make disparaging comments about us in hebrew.
  i asked if we could go to my hosts apartment on sderot rothschild and
  they told me we were going there and to shut up.
  after almost an hour driving around the city they went to my hosts
  apartment and escorted me to the door. i rang the bell but my host was
  out, i had arranged to meet her there an hour later and told them this,
  i then suggested i go to a neighbours house to see if they had a key,
  which we did. the nieghbour then explained that i was a tourist and
  would be leaving that day, and also that he had visited me in london
  and knew i was resident in britain. they told him they didn't believe
  us and would take me to a police station, where he arranged to meet me    in half an hour, he said in the meantime he would try and get hold of   my passport when my host returned.

  i was then bundled back in the van and they continued to drive around
  the city, first taking the far eastern woman to her residence, where
  they let her go, then going to the bus station where they jumped out a
  grabbed a woman waiting for a bus. she was shaking and crying as they   pushed her in the van, where they took her mobile phone away and  searched her bag, she was clearly scared and they were laughing at her.
  my friend then called the phone i'd called him on and i handed the
  phone to a policewoman to talk to him, she listened for a minute or so
  and then passed the phone to her colleague and made a joke about my
  friends voice and accent, she then hung up on him. by this time the
  neighbour from rothschild had contacted my hosts and was attempting to   negotiate a time to meet at the police station, but we continued to
  drive slowly around the city for an hour or so. they had the other
  arrested womans israeli i.d. card and kept asking her how much she paid  for it, she was very distressed and they kept asking where she got her  i.d and where she lived.
  we then went back to the bus station where they pulled over and let the  other woman go, then my host appeared with my passport and bags, as she  had been told that having verified my passport they would drive me to  the airport to ensure i left the country.
  after half an hour or so, i was told to leave the van, and was given my
  passport. i went back to my hosts apartment and had to leave
  immediately for the airport, where i was subjected to nearly 2 hours
  security checks, mainly questions about where i had learnt hebrew, i
  explained i was jewish and had learnt hebrew as a child and spoke a
  little modern hebrew.
  this was an extremely traumatising experience. to be rounded up on the  street, and bundled into a van. i realise now that had i not had
  israeli friends who could speak for me i might have been driving around   the city for the whole day with no possibility of answering the charges   against me. the atmosphere in the van was brutalising and horrible, the   police were ridiculing us in hebrew and laughing at our distress.

.are  israelis now resorting to rounding people up? as a jewish person in the  jewish state can i expect this kind of treatment every time i go to
  israel? and do i have to witness foreign workers being brutalised and
  harassed on the streets?
  ruth novaczek
  finsbury park
  telefax: 0207 226 5588

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  • ניק  ביום נובמבר 1, 2004 בשעה 2:42 pm

    האם הסיסמא "מדינת משטרה" היא באמת רק קלישאה (או רק סיסמא)??

  • דוד כפרי  ביום נובמבר 1, 2004 בשעה 4:49 pm


  • חנן כהן  ביום נובמבר 1, 2004 בשעה 5:16 pm

    Talk Israel

    Ruth Novaczek
    22mins Colour Video

    During the Gulf War I felt a strong desire to visit Israel for the first time, I'd been thinking about Zionism, and believed that current anti-Semitism is couched in anti-Zionism.

    I went to Israel to see for myself, knowing that Israel is a mixed population, in every way, and hoping to find Israelis who weren't necessarily holocaust survivors, or Europeans, or warmongers, or heterosexual, or men. I needed to go and see Israel, to make sense of my Jewish identity, to explore beyond an anti-Semitic Europe, and with more than ambivalence because of the conflict and my sympathy with the struggle of the Palestinians.


  • עדו  ביום נובמבר 1, 2004 בשעה 5:57 pm

    חנן, תודה על הלינק. כשפותחים אותו ורואים את תמונתה של רות אי אפשר להתעלם מכך שיש לה מה שנקרא פעם, באירופה, לפני שישים שנה, עיניים יהודיות

  • עומר  ביום נובמבר 1, 2004 בשעה 6:39 pm

    ב"מוקד סיוע לעובדים זרים" תמיד זקוקים מתנדבות ומתנדבים חדשים. בכתובת http://www.hotline.org.il/hebrew/assist.htm אפשר למצוא מידע על העמותה ועל איך אפשר להתנדב.

  • הסטוריון מצעד המחץ  ביום נובמבר 2, 2004 בשעה 9:23 am

    שני מג"בניקים דרוזים על יד הוילה של השגריר המצרי בהרצליה פיתוח. סתם כי לא נראיתי להם. היה לי מראה של היפי אמריקאי אז, למרות שאני ישראלי לגמרי.
    זה היה מזמן, אך התיאור הזה החזיר אותי אחורה.
    הם טענו שאני מבריח סמים, היה איתי עוד חבר אותו הם שחררו, ואמרו שהם מחכים לניידת משטרה. אחר כך, כשבא להם, הם שחררו אותי.
    זה יכול לקרות גם לישראלים, דוברי מבטא ישראלי.

  • Tel-Aviv-E  ביום דצמבר 30, 2005 בשעה 5:53 pm

    עוד סיפור שדעך… חבל.

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